How Can Basil Tea Cure Acne?

acne on face 3We are breathing in a world in which acne has emerged as a worldwide epidemic. About 85 to 90 percent of the world population gets acne some point in their lives. Some of them do evolve severe form of acne like Cysts, Pustules, and Nodules and some of them receive Blackheads and Whiteheads. I know, blackheads and whiteheads can subsequently be more severe if not treated well but in most of the cases, such conditions don’t evolve to its severe state. However, the person who evolves severe acne can suffer from a number of complications from severe inflammation to intense pain. So, it becomes imperative to keep in mind that a pertinent treatment is must need to prevent benign acne from developing its severe form. There is a number of treatment choices do available which holds the promise of a better way of treatment.


It is not a better idea to directly start the treatment of acne without explaining what the definition of acne is. So, let’s talk about acne. Acne is a skin issue that can influence any part of the body but usually cheek, shoulder, neck, back, forehead and chest can be get affected by such infection. The specific causes of acne are in the deep dark but there are some probable factors do exist which can be in a lead role to evolve such infection. Professionals do believe that imbalance of hormone could be the very first reason for such infection.

basil tea for acneDuring the puberty stage, there were numerous hormonal alterations can be seen in the body. These alterations stimulate the sebaceous gland to secrete excess sebum from the body. That kind of excess secretion of sebum can’t handle our body and eventually, it results in clogged hair follicles. Clogged hair follicles provide acne causing factors a right environment to show their existences. Some other factors like family history, massive accumulation of dead skin cells and viral or bacterial infection could be some other probable factors that can cause acne.

Treatment of acne is not an easy task for any human being especially for those who have severe acne but, a right treatment method can extensively help you to better manage even the severe form of acne.

Does Basil Tea Effective On Acne?

holy-basil-teaBasil is a holy natural herb that can be very effective in fixing any sorts of health issues including acne and its other complications. The abundance of various acne fighting agents has made it one of the principle acne treating herb of all time. Basil Tea is a store house of antioxidant agents which are sufficiently capable of healing any sorts of acne issues. A powerful antioxidant not only alleviates the influence of free radicals but persistently keeps checking a number of free radicals. It also helps to obliterate the free radicals. An individual highly relies on the immune system to prevent a variety of health problems and having the good amount of antioxidants do allow your immune to nourish itself.


Basil Tea has the powerful anti-inflammatory compound that not only eradicates the swelling of the skin caused by acne but also mitigates the pain caused by the acne. Sometimes bacterial and viral infections could be the reasons for acne evolvement hence since Basil Tea tea carries a variety of antibacterial and antiviral properties you significantly control, Basil Tea could be abundantly used to control the severity of such infection. Some form of acne can be stimulated through stress or by the anxiety. Basil Tea has various agents that functions like anti-stress don’t allow stress related hormones to excrete.