How to treat acne with bitter gourd?

acne titleIs there anyone who likes bitter taste? I think there is no one but do you know that there is one bitter vegetable which has so many beneficial effects. In this world, here are so many problems which people are facing but one of the most common and uncomfortable conditions is acne. This is something that anyone doesn’t want to have but sadly some people are suffering from this. It’s not that there are no treatment options to cure acne but the fact is using that treatment options is not giving them any results. This is the main reason that today I am here to tell you about an astonishing cure for acne.


I know what are you thinking? You must be thinking that what is the meaning of my first line, right? You will get an answer to all your questions by the end of this article. Can you tell that why a person have to suffer from acne? There is no one who can tell about this because people are unaware of its causes and symptoms. But if you want to prevent this disease, you have to gain information about acne. To gain information about acne and a perfect cure for the same this is the perfect place.

What Do you understand by Acne?

acne_developmentAcne is part of teenagers growing life from teen to an adult. This is a very common disease and almost everyone experiences it once in their life. This is common but at the same time, it is very annoying too. Yes, it is annoying and embarrassing. It makes easier for the sufferer to bear its embarrassment because they know that there are so many people who are also going through it, but why? Why have you to suffer from this? This is all because of oil, dirt, pollution and dead skin cells. Your skin has tiny holes which are called as pores and when these pores are getting blocked by oil, dirt, pollution and excessive oil then you can get a pimple or acne.


Apart from this, you can get acne if you don’t wash your face regularly, not taking care of your face. Not drinking enough water and using wrong beauty products. These conditions can also cause acne and if you want to prevent acne, you have to take care of your face and hygiene. But it is the time to throw some light on the perfect cure for acne. And the name of that bitter vegetable is yes, you guessed it right- bitter gourd.  Bitter gourd for acne is the perfect treatment. In fact, there is no other treatment better than this and all thanks to its bitter taste and ugly looks.

Benefits of Bitter Gourd for Acne

I know this is the vegetable which people don’t consider to use that much. But I am sure that after reading this article you can get a reason to use bitter gourd also. There are few remedies which are unrecognizable and undocumented in the medical world. Bitter gourd for acne treatment is one of them. But not to worry because by this article you can get all the benefits of using bitter gourd for acne treatment.melon-for-skin

Bitter gourd is also known as bitter melon and karela in other languages. Bitter gourd for acne is the perfect cure because it has anti-microbial properties (which can cure those bacteria which causes acne) and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s in the studies that the taste of bitter gourd can reduce the swelling which is caused by acne. This is a very helpful ingredient which has been used for thousands of years to cure lots of problems like diabetes, tumors, high blood pressure and skin disorders.

How to Use Bitter Gourd To Treat Acne?

This is also very helpful to get relief from itching, pain and discomfort. If you apply its pack, you can get rid of these symptoms of acne. There are two ways to use bitter gourd for acne: the first one is taking internally and the second one is using tropically. For internally, you can consume bitter gourd juice so because can cleanse the toxins from your blood.  For the topical use you can make its face pack by adding its juice. Add half of teaspoon of turmeric, few leaves of neem and bitter gourd juice. Mix these ingredients and make a perfect consistency. Apply this paste on your affected are of the skin and leave it to dry. After it dries, wash it off with normal water.


See this is the perfect way to get rid of acne and that too at your home. Now you don’t have to buy or take expensive treatment for acne just use bitter gourd and you are free from those annoying pimples. This is the natural ingredient which can cure acne very effectively without affecting another area of the skin. So, if you know anyone who is suffering from acne, tell that person to use bitter gourd for acne. This is the most effective treatment which works magically on this condition.

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